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UkrSepro Certificate of Conformity

UkrSepro Certificate of Conformity A document confirming the conformity with the Ukrainian Quality Standards (DSTU, GOST, TS, etc.). Certificates of conformity are issued by certification bodies accredited by Rosgostehnadzor of Ukraine.

Certificates can be of two types: obligatory and voluntary. There is an order that governs the obligation or non-obligation of obtaining the certificate of conformity for one or another production. If on the basis of this order a production is subject to certification, then it should be obtained in a mandatory manner.

If the production is not subject to obligatory certification in Ukraine, then (on a voluntary basis, in order to improve competitiveness), a voluntary certificate can be obtained.

Regarding registration of UkrSepro Certificate of Conformity, you can contact our company and get professional advice from our specialists.