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Permit for use and letter of exemption from Rostechnadzor

Permission for use Rostechnadzor (the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision) is an official permit for the use of technical devices issued to the applicant. The authorization for the use of technical equipment certifies the possibility of operating the equipment at hazardous production facilities in the coal mining, oil and gas, metallurgical and other industries.

Since January 2014, the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor) has ceased issuing permits for the use of technical equipment subject to the mandatory confirmation of conformance to any of the technical regulations.

In connection with these changes, we can issue an exemption letter or an explanatory letter from Rostekhnadzor about the eligibility for the permit for use application. Explanatory letter or exemption letter is an official document, which is drafted using the form of the Federal Service of Rostechnadzor. The time for issuing an explanatory letter is 30 calendar days. The validity of such a letter is unlimited, until new amendments come into force.

Industial safety certificate and expert appraisal

As a substitute for the permit for use from Rostekhnadzor, our specialists will assist in registering an industrial safety certificate, which is an alternative to permit for use from Rostekhnadzor.

A company that supplies its equipment to a hazardous production facility may voluntarily receive an industrial safety certificate.

It is valid for 5 years from the issuance date and is based on the results of the industrial safety examination. The timeline for the whole work will be approximately one month.

Industrial safety examination certificate is a document that is drafted for equipment or a technical device intended for operation at hazardous production facilities.

To conduct the examination and develop the industrial safety certificate, you need to provide our specialists with the following documents: copies of the manufacturer's constituent documents, factory test reports, technical documents (passport, operation manual, assembly drawings, technical specifications, safety case (if any), technical description and area of application), issued certificates and declarations.

Regarding the registration and receipt of an exemption letter from Rostechnadzor or an industrial safety certificate, you can contact our company and get professional advice from our specialists.