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About the company

«Unicert Group» offers assistance in registration and obtaining permits necessary for the selling of various goods and services.

We have been providing certification services for more than ten years. During this period, we have implemented projects of varying complexity for both Russian and foreign customers, and we have also participated in numerous tenders for the projects in various areas of business.

The structure of our company incorporates accredited certification bodies and testing laboratories. In addition, we actively collaborate with our partners in Russia and Europe on the certification of products.

Qualified employees of «Unicert Group», including experienced experts on confirmation of products quality and safety compliance, will consult you and help you choose the best option for solving the issues of obtaining various documents for the products and equipment you have applied for, obtain both compulsory and voluntary certification, help to develop the technical documentation required for certification works, as well as make changes to the existing documentation, expertly familiarize you with all the stages of the work in the process of obtaining the following authorization documents:

  • Certification and declaration of products for compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union;
  • Certification and declaration of goods in the GOST R system;
  • Confirmation of compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards — Registration of the state registration certificate, expert evaluation;
  • Registration of the approval certificate for measuring instruments;
  • Confirmation of conformity of products (certification, declaration) to fire safety requirements;
  • FSS Notification;
  • Development of normative and technical documentation, passports, operating instructions for equipment and technical devices;
  • Expert evaluation of industrial safety and execution of industrial safety documents.

Specialists of our company monitor changes in the legal and regulatory framework in connection with the constant changes in legislation in the field of certification, sanitary and epidemiological assessment and registration of products imported into the territory of the Customs Union.

When carrying out work for our customers, we comply with such important principles as:

  • Efficiency;
  • Guaranteed reliability of services;
  • Individual approach;

The objective of our company's work is to build long-term mutually beneficial partnerships, offering quality services at a competitive price.