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Fire safety certificate

Certificate of conformity to the requirements of the "Technical Regulations on Fire Safety" is a document confirming the conformance of products to fire safety requirements. It is necessary for the sale of products subject to compulsory certification in the Russian Federation. Before the introduction of the Federal Law -123 "Technical Regulations on Fire Safety " the list of products subject to mandatory certification was approved by Order No. 320 "On Approval of the List of Products Subject to Mandatory Fire Safety Certification." Currently, the list of products subject to mandatory certification is approved by Resolution No. 241 dated March 17, 2009.

The maximum validity of the certificate is 5 years.

If, according to the technical regulations, it is not necessary to confirm the conformity of products or equipment, the certification body issues a exemption letter, which officially confirms that the product certification is not required.

The certification procedure for the product fire safety conformity includes:

  • Sampling of products;
  • Assessment of production or ISO certification of the management system, if required by the certification scheme;
  • Testing of product samples in an accredited testing laboratory;
  • Expert evaluation of documents (technical documentation, quality documents, conclusions, certificates and test reports) to determine the possibility of confirming the product's conformity to fire safety requirements;
  • Analysis of the results and deciding on the possibility of the certificate issuance.

Experts of «Unicert Group» will help to facilitate and expedite the fire safety certificate registration procedure.