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Certificate of Metrology

The certificate of metrology can be called in different ways e.g. pattern approval certificate of measuring instruments, certificate of Rosteckregulirovaniye (Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology), certificate for control and measuring instruments and automatic equipment, or certificate of measuring instruments. It contains information that the instrument was added to the Unified State Register of measuring instruments and assigned a personal number. It also proves that according to the current legislation the mentioned instrument entirely conforms to all the metrological and technical requirements and is allowed for use in the Russian Federation. This certificate can be drawn up and issued only by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

General requirements for activities related to the organization and order of the conduct of testing and pattern approval of measuring instruments are established by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On assurance of uniformity of measurements” No. 4871-1 adopted on April 7th, 1993 (as amended on January 10th, 2003 No. 15-FZ). The certificate of metrology is issued in accordance with this law. Within the Russian Federation there are unified metrological requirements and standards for all measurement systems which make the certification of this type of goods obligatory.

Certificate of Measuring Instruments

The certificate of measuring instruments must be obtained for all measuring instruments produced or imported to the Russian Federation. The enterprises, organizations and individuals dealing with service maintenance, repairing, selling, and operation of this type of goods are also obliged to obtain this document.

Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments

The pattern approval certificate of measuring instruments includes a supplement that is a necessary document containing information concerning the field in which the measuring instrument can be applied, its correct use, basic metrological and technical specifications, lapse rate, calibration interval, name of the document on the basis of which testing is conducted, etc.

The pattern approval certificate of measuring instruments is valid for a period of five years. When the pattern approval certificate of measuring instruments expires, the instrument must be subject to retesting in order to prove its conformity.

If the instrument specifications influencing the functional efficiency (for instance, improving the instrument accuracy) have changed during this period, the new description of the equipment including the new parameter is to be formulated after it has been tested.

Before drawing up the certificate of metrology you can check on your own if the instrument has already been added to the State Register of measuring instruments. You can do it by making a request to the All-Russian Research Institute of Metrological Service and receiving a formal letter.

Regarding registration of the Certificate of Metrology , you can contact our company and get professional advice from our specialists.