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Certificate in the GOST K (Kazakhstan) System

Importation of goods into the Republic of Kazakhstan is not possible without strictly regulated documents of permissive character such as the certificate of conformity, sanitary and epidemiological certificate of approval, fire safety certificate, etc. This list of documents is established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, therefore it is impossible to import goods to the country without them.

The certificate of conformity in the GOST K system is the document controlling agencies consider to be of major importance. This document is required for goods as well as for services. You can obtain it in the authorized certification agency accredited in Kazakhstan. The certificate of conformity can be issued provided that there is a laboratory examination record proving that your goods or services:

  • Entirely conform to all the requirements of environmental protection and are safe for human life, property and health;
  • Are certified within the Republic of Kazakhstan and conform to all required standards applicable in this country.

There can be several types of the certificate of conformity in the GOST Kazakhstan system:

  • Certificate of conformity for a batch. This document is issued for the whole batch of goods you import to the country according to the agreement. It can be valid for a period from six months to one year;
  • Certificate of conformity for several years of batch production (as a rule, one or two years). The Republic of Kazakhstan can issue a document which will confirm the quality of batch-produced goods for a period of up to two years. To obtain this document you should submit the production techniques and procedure for analysis. Besides, the finished goods must be tested;
  • Certificate of conformity for three years of batch production. The certificate is issued in Kazakhstan for a period of up to three years (provided that the product release is continuous). To obtain this document you should undergo the process of certification of production procedure including the submission of samples for analysis as well as the process of mandatory ISO quality management system certification.

Products subject to mandatory certification are particularized in the Ordinance of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 367 adopted on April 24th, 2005. This list is being updated regularly. Along with this, to obtain the most up-to date certification-related information you should refer to the GOST Kazakhstan Certification Center.

Regarding registration of the Certificate in the GOST K (Kazakhstan) System, you can contact our company and get professional advice from our specialists.